Model Resolution for CLPs and Branches

Many Labour Party branches and CLPs have already passed resolutions in favour of voting reform, and we'd urge all Labour members to table a motion at their local meeting. Below, you'll find a suggested model resolution, and a simpler version. You can adapt the wording of either.

We would encourage you to:

    • Keep your motion within 600 words - this is the limit for online submissions to the National Policy Forum.
    • Include a section in your motion allowing your branch or CLP to affiliate to Labour for Electoral Reform - our affiliation programme is a key to our future success.

After the resolution is passed, please:

    • Email us with the name of your organisation, the text of the resolution you passed, and the date when it was passed.
    • Upload your motion to the website of the National Policy Forum:

Hover over "National Policy Forum", click on "Policy Commissions", then scroll down and select "Justice and Home Affairs".