about lcer

who we are

LCER is the membership organisation for Labour Party members and supporters campaigning for democratic renewal and electoral reform.  We recognise that meaningful change will not be achieved in the UK unless it is promoted by the Labour Party. Our members work to create a route to electoral reform which our Party can implement.

We engage with Labour members and trade unionists in their branches, CLPs and at Conferences and events. We also work with our contacts in Parliament and in the Party to ensure our message is heard. We want a vibrant, participatory politics where everyone has a stake, and where vested interests can no longer subvert our democracy.

We work with others to campaign for democratic reform, but we are unique in being a Labour membership organisation. We urge all Labour Party members and supporters who share our aims to join us as members – together we can win!


our aims

LCER's aims, as set out in our Constitution, are to:

a) Work with the Labour Party, and with other organisations supportive of our aims, in the pursuit of a greater level of accountability and democracy in the UK’s institutions of government;
b) work within the Labour Party towards the introduction of an appropriate system of proportional representation (PR) for all public elections in the United Kingdom, particularly changing the electoral system we use to elect MPs;
c) endeavour to reform the internal electoral procedures of the Labour Party and its affiliated organisations to ensure full and genuine representation of all bodies of opinion.

our supporters

LCER counts many MPs, CLPs, trade unions and activists among its supporters.

meet the team

Meet our 14-strong Executive Committee and the Labour for a New Democracy staff.


Download our constitution and financial standing orders as a pdf. Last amended February 2023.