It's time for change

Labour for Electoral Reform want a participatory democracy in which everyone feels they have a meaningful stake. Our vision is of a politics which works to bring our society together. 

We want to replace the First Past the Post voting system with a more proportional system in which all votes count.

Labour for Electoral Reform also seeks to campaign on wider constitution reforms which encourage openness, transparency and accessibility in politics.

North Shropshire – what does it tell us?

By Sandy Martin | December 21, 2021

The North Shropshire by-election of 16 December 2021 saw a historically rock-solid Conservative majority overturned by a surge in votes for the Liberal Democrats. What…

Conference 2021: What a result!

By Sandy Martin, Chair of LCER | December 20, 2021

On 27th September, delegates representing 80% of Constituency Labour Parties voted to commit our Party to a proportional system of election to the House of…

Fulfilling the legacy of Robin and Mo at Party Conference

By Mary Southcott | September 18, 2021

Labour campaigners for voting reform under 40 only know its greatest campaigners, Mo Mowlam and Robin Cook, from history books or talking with their parents.…

Will this finally be PR’s Conference?

By Sandy Martin | September 18, 2021

On Saturday 25th September the 2021 Labour Party Conference gets under way. 144 CLPs have submitted the Labour for a New Democracy (L4ND) motion –…