executive election 2023 results

The election was conducted online by the company OPAvote, with a small number of paper ballots circulated to members without email addresses. Votes were counted by the Single Transferable Vote system. The role of scrutineer and returning officer was undertaken by Terry Ashton. 337 votes were cast.

There were 19 candidates for 14 places on the Executive.

Five candidates were women, who were automatically elected under the quota rules in LCER's Constitution. These candidates are, in alphabetical order:

  • Nic Hesper
  • Maria Iacovou
  • Abbie Jones
  • Aileen McLoughlin
  • Mary Southcott

The remaining contest was between 14 candidates for 9 places. In order of numbers of votes cast, the winning candidates were:

  • Sandy Martin
  • Billy Hayes
  • Ken Ritchie
  • Reed James
  • John Doolan
  • Pablo John
  • Rick Gaehl
  • Martin Linton
  • William Bain