• What – All Members Discussion – Where to from Here?
  • When – Wednesday 24th April
  • Time – 19:30
  • Where – Online – Click HERE

Where to from here?

At our February AGM we ran out of time for an open discussion on the way forward for PR, so we agreed to hold this stand-alone all-member discussion.

Over the past 4 years, LCER members have been engaged in one of the most effective political campaigns our Party has ever seen.  80% of Constituency Parties and most Trade Unions – including 3 of the big 4 – demonstrated their support for changing our electoral system at the 2022 Labour Party Conference.  There was overwhelming support for PR shown at the National Policy Forum last summer, and the Party Programme now states “the flaws in the current voting system are contributing to the distrust and alienation we see in politics”.


Most of us are now campaigning for Labour in the local elections and for the forthcoming General Election.  The Labour Manifesto will focus on issues which help us win votes. LCER and L4ND will work behind the scenes to lobby for the inclusion of electoral reform.  However, mass lobbying is no longer useful to achieve that.

What should LCER be doing now, and after the General Election?  How can we involve our members better?  What do we think the possible scenarios are once we have a Labour Government?  Things we might want to discuss include:

  • How do we build our membership?
  • How do we engage with Labour Party members?
  • Should we try to resolve our disagreements over possible PR systems?
  • Should we be campaigning on other issues eg House of Lords, Voter ID & Registration, Constitution?
  • Do we support Citizens’ Assemblies, or Constitutional Conventions, or both?
  • Should we support a new substantial publication, similar to “The Many not the Few”, prior to the General Election?
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